Windowed aggregations now live

Windowed aggregations partition the results from a SQL query into groups in order to perform calculations across adjacent rows of the query result. You can read more about windowed aggregations and see examples of their usage on in our SQL documentation.

Here is a list of all the new windowed functions with links to their reference pages:

Metadata, queries, & more in recently viewed menu

Jump back to what you were working on most recently with these enhancements to our navigation and search experience. The recently viewed menu previously surfaced the datasets, projects, and profiles that you last visited. This menu now includes all of the pages where you do work in the application including queries, glossary terms, workspace tables, analysis pages, and more.

Supported pages in the recently viewed menu:

  • User and organization profiles
  • Datasets
  • Projects
  • Insights
  • Dataset and project tables
  • Dataset and project files
  • Queries
  • Glossary terms
  • Analysis resources
  • Metadata tables
  • Collections

Naming update: Members, access, and grant access

Previously, used the words people, contributors, invite, share, and a few other names in various places in the application, which caused confusion.

We now use Members to show the users that are part of an organization, Access as the tab where you can manage access at a more granular level on datasets or other resource pages, and Grant access as a consistent call to action to add additional members.

Also, the Member organization role has been updated to be Basic member to be clear and unique from members more generally.

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