Archie Bots - AI features available for enterprise customers

Release Notes – June 5, 2023

Announcing the beta rollout of catalog platform features that utilize OpenAI and your knowledge graph to accelerate the performance and productivity of your data team.

1. Data asset enrichment: Automatically generates descriptions of data assets based on metadata and related objects. Also provides summaries of SQL queries in certain types of objects, improving the explainability and comprehension of data policies and ETL resources.

2. Data Exploration: Generate questions that the data could answer, promoting deeper data understanding and discovery of untapped insights. Collection editors can generate questions and quickly explore collections with tables to better understand the types of business questions the data could answer.

3. SQL Generation and Code Summaries: Enables users to create SQL queries using natural language, making data querying more accessible to a wider audience. Also enables workspace users to get a summary of SQL code to get quick comprehension of data queries.

4. AI-Assisted Search: Enhances search capabilities by parsing search terms into keywords, advanced search syntax, and providing suggested filters. Users can search beyond just keywords.

These new features bolster the performance of data teams and democratize data access across the enterprise, reinforcing our commitment to empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions effectively. If you are interested in these opt-in beta features, please reach out to your customer service manager.