Data access request email notifications

The following update will only be available for Sites customers:

Managing data access requests takes a team - and wants to make it easier for your data access request team, whether it be your data stewards, owners, or stakeholders, to make informed and timely decisions about each request.

Previously, each of the approving parties for a data access request would received a discrete, standalone email informing them of the data access request, including the customizable request access form details the user filled out.

Now, for Sites customers, we'll be sending out a single email to the approving parties, with the requesting user copied on the email.

This provides the requesting user a channel to engage further with the approving team, as well as a method for the approving team to communicate amongst themselves before rendering a decision about the request.

Real world example:

Let's say you have 3 administrators on the dataset, and a user requests access to the data. Previously, we'd send out 3 individual emails to each of the 3 administrators. Aside from the recipient, the emails are identical.

With our changes, we'll send out just a single email, but to 4 recipients: the 3 administrators, and the requesting user. Any of those users can reply-all, remove recipients, or add recipients in your preferred email client.