February Product Launch

February brings several new features to, including a new Premium Governance Automation, a new metadata collector for Netezza, and read-only configuration for default fields. Read on to learn about these exciting new features!

New Governance Automation: Premium Metadata Completeness

What is the Premium Metadata Completeness automation? The premium version of our metadata completeness automation checks resources for missing metadata, identifies incomplete information, and lets you assign tasks to your team to update and complete this information efficiently. This gives you automated insights into the completeness of metadata across your resources, enabling better data tracking and quality control.

How does this automation work? If the automation identifies any resources that lack essential metadata, it generates a task for each of these resources. The user group associated with the automation receives in-app notifications regarding these tasks, and can then act upon the resources to provide the missing metadata.

How is this automation different from the Metadata completeness Automation? The Metadata Completeness Automation solely generates a report listing incomplete resources. In contrast, the Premium Metadata Completeness Automation not only produces the report but also creates a list of actionable tasks for the identified incomplete resources that can be assigned to user groups. It then alerts the authorized users to navigate the resource pages, prompting them to fill in the missing information. 

How will this automation help me?

As an admin, I can now delegate tasks effortlessly from within the Reports, monitor progress over time, and quickly spot issues of incomplete resources.

As a data owner, I can now take action promptly because I can see task-relevant guidance to help me understand what metadata is missing or incomplete and how to fix it. Also, all my tasks are found in one place so I can quickly manage the next steps.

As a data consumer, I have increased trust in my data because now I have instant visibility into completeness. Incomplete resources are automatically flagged for data me, increasing my understanding and trust of the resource.

The Premium Metadata completeness Automation is available only to customers that have purchased the Data Governance Premium tier. You can read more about the Premium Metadata Completeness Automation in the documentation here: 

An example of a Metadata Completeness Report.

Launching a new and improved collector for Netezza

We have an exciting update to our previous Netezza collector. Now this collector harvests much more metadata, including Lineage. 

You can use this collector to harvest metadata from Netezza Performance Server. It collects metadata for database information, schemas, tables, views, materialized views, functions, stored procedures, and columns. It also supports Lineage for views, materialized views, and procedures. You can read more about the new features here: 

Netezza is a Tier 3 collector, and available to Enterprise Customers.

An example of Lineage from the Netezza Collector.

Read-only configuration for default fields

Enterprise catalog customers can now configure custom metadata fields and out-of-the-box fields including Title, Description, Summary, Tags, and Status as read-only. This configuration option prevents contributors from editing fields through the UI or through catalog APIs and should be used to identify fields that are updated through automations and collectors.

Read-only fields can be configured through Catalog Toolkit or custom profiles.

An example of Read Only fields in the UI.