June Product Launch

The June release of is here – featuring a new collector for Microsoft SSIS, enhancements to collect more metadata for Databricks and PowerBI, the introduction of versioning for Governance Automations, and a useful set of new security and management features for catalog admins and data stewards.

Read on to learn about these exciting new capabilities, available now!

Enhancements to Databricks and PowerBI Collectors, and a new SQL Server Integration Services Collector.

This month, we’re excited to announce improvements to some of our most frequently used collectors, and the new SQL Server Integration Services collector.

The new SQL Server Integration Services Collector is available in Private Preview, contact your Customer Success Director to learn more how to participate in the program.

SQL Server Integration Services Collector in Private Preview

The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Collector catalogs metadata from SSIS, helping maintain a comprehensive inventory of SSIS assets, facilitating better governance, discovery, and utilization of data across your organization.

This collector harvests metadata for projects, packages, control flow/data flow executables, and much more.

An example collection from SSIS

Power BI Service Collector enhancements

The Power BI Service Collector has been updated to harvest Power BI Measures (including lineage) and lineage between calculated columns. Additionally, the collector now harvests lineage from Power BI Query statements and supports lineage between upstream data sources configured using ODBC connections.

Databricks Collector performance enhancements and external locations

A number of performance improvements were made to the Databricks Collector when harvesting tags on Databricks tables and lineage metadata from Unity Catalog. Users may see up to 80% improvement depending on the shape/weight of their Databricks instance. The Databricks Collector has also been updated to harvest external locations (Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Amazon S3).

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These new collector updates help users understand where data in these reports are sourced from, facilitating troubleshooting for analysts and increasing trust for business end users. Learn more in our documentation:

Versioning for Governance Automations

This new functionality allows admins of Governance Automations in to:

  • Edit Existing Automations: Modify your current automations directly within the system, ensuring they meet your evolving needs.
  • Maintain Task Integrity: Existing tasks, both claimed and unclaimed, stay connected and unaffected by changes.
  • Future-Proof Configurations: Any new runs initiated post-edit will use the updated configuration.
  • Stay Updated: Edited automations automatically update to the latest template version, incorporating the newest features and capabilities.

Enjoy the additional flexibility and power of Editable Automations, available today!

Data Exfiltration Controls

Enterprise customers can now configure instance-wide policies for downloading dataset content from the platform. This suite of controls also adds support for restricting who can create personal access tokens for the public API. 

Learn more about this feature by visiting our documentation portal.

Organization Browse Card Wizard

Organization admins can now design, build, link resources, and edit the organization level browse card through a visual wizard in the UI. This feature is compatible with more advanced Browse Card configuration options such as automations.

Learn more about this new feature by visiting the documentation portal.

Administrative Functions for Discussion Topics 

Resource admins now have the ability to manage Discussion Topics on the Discussions tab of a resource to help maintain highly useful and accurate content. An admin can delete discussion topics as well as edit the title of an existing topic.

Learn more about this new feature by visiting the documentation portal.