Introducing the Metadata Collectors Page and CLI Command Builder

Introducing the new Metadata Collectors page and CLI Command Builder tool!

With these features, catalog administrators can more easily set up on-premises collectors and see all the collectors (on-premises or cloud) that are bringing metadata into their catalogs.

Currently in BETA, this feature has two components:

  • CLI Command Builder: allows users to step through a wizard to set up 16 on-premise collectors: Athena, AWS Glue, Databricks, Db2, dbt, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, PowerBI, PowerBI Gov, Presto, RedShift, Snowflake, SqlAnywhere, SQLServer, Vertica. The wizard generates either a CLI command or a YAML file, so users can more quickly set up collectors during implementation. For more information, refer to the documentation (available sources are denoted as "collector wizard available"). In an upcoming release, all on-premise collectors will be available.

  • Metadata Collectors Page: found in the Settings tab of an Organization, this page shows all of the collectors that are currently appearing in your catalog and other important information, such as the last time the collector ran. This page also includes cloud collectors set up via Connection Manager. For more information, refer to the documentation.