Metrics update: December 17, 2021

Updated metrics tables/reports have arrived on December 17, 2021! Some reports may take 24-48 hours to reflect the new data after deploy due to sync timing.

Data dictionary has been updated to reflect the latest updates as well.

Updated Tables - For both multi-tenant and single-tenant

  1. Events - Metadata Assets Activity - By Day: Column name changed from “resourceid” to “resource” - this change was applied in order to bring this table into conformity with the dimension naming convention used elsewhere in the metrics dataset.
  2. Membership - All Time List: Added “current_member” column (boolean; TRUE: account is currently provisioned; FALSE: account is currently de-provisioned). Added “last_date_active” column (the date of the user’s most recent activity in
  3. Tops - Requests: Name of table/report changed to “Tops - Most Requested Resources.” Added “resourcetype” column (dimension; indicates whether the requested resource was a dataset, group, etc.).