Metrics update: March 21, 2022

Updated metrics tables/reports have arrived on March 21, 2022! Some reports may take 24-48 hours to reflect the new data after deployment due to sync timing.

The data dictionary has been updated to reflect the latest updates as well.

New Table - For both multi-tenant and single-tenant:

Events - Catalog Resources Pages Activity By Day

A fact table containing catalog pages activities such as views, edits and suggestions submitted by agents aggregated by UTC-based calendar day


  1. date: UTC-based calendar date
  2. owner: the org where the catalog asset resides
  3. agentid: the agentid who took an action (either viewed, edited or submitted a suggestion for the asset)
  4. resourcetype: the catalog asset type
  5. resource: the catalog asset's unique ID. This represents the unique IRI value of the asset
  6. resourcename: the name of the catalog asset
  7. views: count of views done by the agent on the asset
  8. edits: count of edits saved by the agent on the asset
  9. suggestions_submitted: count of suggestions submitted by the agent for that asset

Note: This metric is meant to replace the Events - Metadata Asset Activity By Day table, which provided metrics on metadata pages in and was sunset in September 2021. We are going to let Events - Metadata Asset Activity By Day stay in the metrics dataset instead of completely removing it in case you are still using it, but you will not see any events in it beginning September 2021 (or before depending on their activity on those pages).

What can be done with this new metric? 

Below are some examples of analysis you can do with this metric:

  1. You can see the activity for a particular type of resource
    SELECT *
    FROM catalog-resources-pages-activity-by-day
    WHERE resourcetype = ‘Business term’
    ORDER BY date DESC;
  2. You can see total edits, views and suggestions that were submitted by day for a specific resource
    SELECT date, SUM(views), SUM(edits), SUM(suggestions_submitted)
    FROM catalog-resources-pages-activity-by-day
    WHERE RESOURCENAME = '<insert the resourceid column value here>’
    GROUP BY date
    ORDER BY date desc;
  3. You can see total activity summary for all catalog resource pages by date and org
    SELECT date, org, SUM(views), SUM(edits), SUM(suggestions_submitted)
    FROM catalog-resources-pages-activity-by-day
    GROUP BY date, org
    ORDER BY date desc;

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!