Notable improvements: we're streamlining the user experience.

Release notes: Enjoy an even more nimble and intuitive catalog with our latest UX enhancements. Our aim? To streamline your workflow and cut down on unnecessary clicks,  duplicates, and possible errors. Here is a list of some of our latest updates:

  1. Duplicate resource warning: Now, if you're about to create a duplicate resource, an immediate warning pops up in the user interface (UI). Think of it as your very own virtual time-saver, spotting any resource with the same name and type within your catalog and stopping you in your tracks, reducing redundancy and promoting effective use of resources.

  2. Context-rich glossary results: Over on the glossary tab, you'll notice more context-rich results. Icons, type, and collection names now accompany your title and description, making it easier than ever to find, understand and use the terms in your glossary. This offers more context that makes the glossary more engaging and easier to navigate.

  3. Dynamic filtering on the organization page: Say goodbye to typing in your whole query and hitting enter. Enjoy our new dynamic filtering feature for types, glossaries, and collections within an organization page. Say hello to a smart and efficient data catalog experience.

These updates aim to enhance your experience and productivity. For more details and full list of release notes, please visit