Resource page navigation just got easier!

Our resource pages just got easier to quickly scan and navigate. With the latest update now in production, the changes mentioned in our earlier post, provide users with the ability to scan the available metadata and get the insights needed to make decisions efficiently and effectively.

The quick section navigation links on the overview tab of your collection, resource, and glossary pages will make navigating the areas of the resource page faster. 

We've also separated the overview and the details of the different types of related resources by giving the related resources their own tabs. The related resources are now highly scannable, sortable, expandable, and searchable. These views offer an organized and condensed presentation of the metadata, making it easier to quickly access and understand the information.

As always, you can read more about these changes in our documentation portal. If you have feedback, please leave a suggestion in our support portal. For those interested in learning more about our data discovery solutions, please visit our website and book a demo or reach out to your customer service representative today. We look forward to helping you and your teams discover your data!