🌟 Sleek and Simple: Latest Governance UI Upgrades Are Here! 🌟

Hey there, Governance users!

We're super excited to roll out some cool new updates to our Governance product. This December, we're not just adding fancy features – we're transforming your daily governance tasks to make them smoother, easier, and yes, even a bit more enjoyable. Let's dive into the cool new changes that await you!

1. Your Automations, Neatly Organized! 📂

We know managing a bunch of automations can be overwhelming. So, we've introduced neat new tabs: Active, Pending Activation, and Archived. This means no more sifting through inactive automations to find what you need.
Let these tabs keep your screen tidy and your mind clear. 🧠✨ 

✅ Active: View and manage automations that are currently in use.

⏳Pending Activation: Keep track of automations that are configured but not yet activated. When you create a new automation and don't turn it on, it lands here!

❌ Archived: Access your inactive automations without cluttering your main screen.

(See our Docs)

2. No Guessing in Automation Setup 🛠️

Setting up automations should be clear and straightforward. To ensure this, we've added clear visual cues: No more wondering if your automation will start immediately after saving. We've made it crystal clear that 'save and continue' means just that.

  COMING SOON! Enhanced Automation Summary View 👀

Forget about forgetting! Our upcoming summary page improvements means you won't have to scratch your head trying to recall the details of your automations. This is especially a lifesaver for our governance admins who set and forget their automations. This enhancement will soon allow you to:

✅ See all key details of your automations at a glance.

✅ Better manage and remember your automation settings.

✅ Enjoy a more intuitive interface, particularly beneficial for Core and Premium admins.

🗣️ Your Voice Matters!

Your feedback is what shapes our future updates. We love hearing from you, so let us know what you think about these new features, or any ideas you have for what comes next.

 🎁 Cheers to Easier Governing and Happy Holidays! 🎁

The data.world Governance Team