Easily edit which collections a resource belongs to

Did you know a resource on data.world, like a table, business term, or dashboard, can belong to multiple collections?

We've now made it easy to pick which collections a resource belongs to: simply click "Edit" on the resource page, then pick & choose which collections the resource should appear in and save those changes.

For example, if you had a business term in a "Sales" collection, you can now easily add that same business term to your "Finance" and "Customer Service" collections with only a few clicks. 

Likewise, if you wanted to move a resource from one collection to another, you can click "Edit" on the resource page, select the new collection, de-select the existing collection, and save that change. 

Customers who use Open collections can create a resource in a private collection, and only when it's ready for global consumption, add it to the Open collection.

We've also recently added the ability to create collections in the UI - read more about that here.

Stay tuned for editing collections in the API, and allow collections to be edited in bulk!