Launching Sigma and InfluxDB Collectors

🚀 Exciting News: Launching Two New Metadata Collectors on! 🚀

Today, we are excited to announce the release of two new metadata collectors on the Sigma Collector and the InfluxDB Collector. These tools are designed to simplify and supercharge your data integration and management capabilities.

🔍 Why you'll love the Sigma Collector:

  • For Sigma users, governance can sometimes be a challenge. We’re here to help! Now, with, you can obtain a clear visibility into your Sigma workbooks, files, datasets, and more, ensuring data protection, control, and traceability.
  • Business decision-makers can now effortlessly visualize and integrate Sigma's KPIs and metrics with data from other sources, leading to informed decisions.
  • Data analysts will have improved data trust levels. How? Metadata for Sigma workbooks and elements (e.g., titles, descriptions, authors, last updated info) are now easily accessible within, giving quick and deep insight.
  • Gain valuable insight into data quality and health via a Sigma Hoot, our latest DataOps feature. Read more about Hoots in this Whatsnew Post from August.

🌟 Sigma Collector Features:

  • Metadata Harvested: Workspace, Workbook, Folder, Dataset, Connection, Tag, Grant, Member, Team, and Data Element.
  • Lineage: Capture inter-system lineage within Sigma, connecting to tables, datasets, and other data elements in the workbook.

An example of Sigma Workbook metadata inside the platform, such as who created and last updated the workbook as well as permissions, as well as Lineage.

🔍 How the InfluxDB Collector helps you:

  • Enhance your visualization dashboards! With InfluxDB being a pivotal data source for Grafana, it’s essential to understand the intricate Influx-Grafana relationship. We make that possible.
  • Dive deep into metadata about buckets, tasks, and measurement columns, empowering users to easily locate and monitor time series data, coupled with insights on its processing.

🌟 InfluxDB Collector Features:

  • Metadata Harvested: Bucket, Measurement Schema, Measurement Column, Task, Label, Organization, and Telegraf Configuration.

An example of metadata from an InfluxDB Task inside the platform, including the expression, last run status, and task status.

In a world where data is continuously evolving, it’s crucial to have the right tools for discoverability, integration, and governance. With our new collectors, we aim to make your journey smoother, more insightful, and more powerful.

Sigma, a Tier 1 collector, and InfluxDB, a Tier 2 collector, are both available immediately for Enterprise Customers. Read the documentation for full details: